Reflective Essay

Seyedmohsen Athari K1123333 Reflective essay Number of words excluding references: 1,807 Introduction: I joined the Design Thinking For Start Ups module in September 2017, before the briefing of the module, I had a very different picture of it. The more the tutors explained the module, the more interested me, because we were about to start … More Reflective Essay

Silicon Valley

This was a very good trip that a group of us from MACE went on to, a great learning experience I must add. The university organised a trip to Silicon Valley to visit some of the world’s most successful start-ups, with the aim of inspiring young entrepreneurs like ourselves and learn from their challenging journey … More Silicon Valley

Business Report

As I am sure it can sensed from the title of this blog, we are coming to the end of this module. We as a group found the business report fairly challenging as it is always difficult to put the practical activities into academic words and make sense. I have to admit that having access to … More Business Report

The Dragons’ Den

As you can imagine, being informed that we will be presenting in front of real Dragons’ was scary and exciting at the same time, therefore we as a group decided to put in real effort and time to execute our idea and prototype in front of the Dragons’, not only because it was a presentation but to … More The Dragons’ Den